How to Elope with a Veil – Tips + Tricks

July 19, 2021

Skyler Rivera

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Eloping is an incredible experience where you and your love get to express your love and start a new journey together. You both love experiences, and you want your wedding day to be intimate and exciting. Now comes the planning! You might be asking yourself, what am I going to wear and how to elope with a veil

Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean to have to leave out your favorite wedding accessories at home. Eloping with a veil is a bold statement in your wedding attire, and the added accessory will look beautiful in your elopement photographs and elevate your look. Veils are timeless and can add a little drama and glamour during a low-key elopement.

Why elope with a veil?

One of the most incredible parts of an elopement is undoubtedly the landscape. There’s something breathtaking about a dramatic veil in a dramatic place. It can really elevate a wedding look to something even more striking. Hey, we’ve all seen the TLC shows-veils can complete the look of full wedding attire. A veil adds a nice, elegant touch to your look. If you’re hoping to elope with your jaw-dropping veil, let’s explore the best ways to wear it at your elopement.

Cathedral Veils

Cathedral veils are long and touch the floor or beyond. These veils are easily passed by for elopements due to their length, but don’t be afraid to wear one; you won’t be out of place! When choosing a long veil, a good rule of thumb is not to have it go past your dress’s train. That way, you aren’t collecting sticks and leaves as you walk, and it makes the veil more manageable. Wearing something longer? You’ll want to carry or pack away your veil until you reach your location so that it won’t tear or rip. Consider your height too. Take your veil for a spin, and if needed, don’t be afraid to get it altered to the best length for you to move freely.

A chapel veil is long and extends onto your train. If you want that timeless and grand moment of full wedding feel, this is the veil for you. Don’t make sacrifices on your elopement! Add drama and magnificence with a veil that will wow people for years to come.

Birdcage Veil

Okay, the birdcage deserves more love! This veil will be a great addition to your elopement attire, we especially love it if you’re pairing edgier pieces. They typically only cover the eyes or continue until the jawline and gives off a great 40s vibe. The birdcage veils are especially fit for windy weather to keep your hair in place and warm weather to allow air to move freely through the veil. These veils are mostly made from coarse netting or sheer tulle.

Blusher Veil

A blusher veil is excellent for eloping. It is a double veil where one piece is worn over the face and can get flipped back after the elopement ceremony. You don’t ever have to worry about dragging leaves or dirt with the veil if you choose a mid-length blusher veil. The blusher veil has this added level of drama and can look so editorial during an elopement.

Eloping on a cliffside or along the beach? Blusher veils (at least with the one layer over the face) don’t do too well in the wind as they will try to blow up against your face, or you might have difficulty keeping it down and potentially sticking to makeup. If you aren’t sure about the weather, stick to a single-layer veil, or wear the blusher veil with both pieces back for wilder locations.

Cape Veil and Bridal Capes

A cape veil and Bridal capes are such a dramatic and stunning way to add a little something extra to your wedding look. They pick up the window so stunningly, but you don’t have to worry about them messing with your hair or pulling out with the wind. They can attach to your dress, making them extra secure for that epic adventure elopement.

How to Choose the Fabric for Your Elopement Veil

Tulle is the most commonly used fabric in veils because they drape beautifully, hold their shape well, and are lighter in weight- perfect for eloping. Other fabrics to consider are silk, lace, and satin, but they tend to be heavier than tulle or organza. If you are looking for a veil that blows in the wind easily, satin or silk might not be a good option. 

If you want your personality to shine, decorating your veil is not uncommon. Something more unique more your speed? Consider something with pearls, floral appliques, or something in a favorite color. You can sew decorated silver or gold on the hem or rhinestones for some sparkle. 

How to Transport Your Elopement Veil

Eloping is all about traveling and hiking, so it is important to learn how to pack and transport your elopement veil. The best way to transport your veil will depend on the length, material, and how far you will be traveling with it.

How to pack the veil:

  • Purchase a box that is big enough to fit the veil comfortably.
  • Fold the veil in a box carefully.
  • Don’t place anything heavy on the fold lines to keep it from creasing.
  • Place tissue paper between each layer of the veil. 

If you need to get any crease out of the veil, hang it up in a steamy bathroom. The moisture will straighten out the wrinkles.

How to Elope with a Veil

This is the tricky part, but it is worth it! You can drape the veil over your arm while you walk or roll it into large rolls and attach it to your hiking backpack. Ensure that no piece is hanging past your waist so if you sit or bend down, the veil doesn’t touch the ground. Consider where you’re eloping. You’ll want to anticipate potential spots a longer veil could snag, or if the weather will make it difficult to keep in place. The best way to transport your veil will depend on the length, material, and how far you will be traveling with it.

Tips and tricks for wearing the veil:
  • Secure the veil with bobby pins (that match your hair color!) in an x over the comb.
  • Anticipating wind? Consider adding veil weights.
  • Attach to a hairpiece or comb for a little added weight and structure.

Hiring a stylist for your elopement? Let them know your concerns so they can make sure your veil isn’t going anywhere! If you’re doing your own hair for your elopement day, practice with your veil and make sure it feels secure and good to go!

If you want to elope with a veil, don’t let anything stop you. Above all, this is your big day and it should be authentically you. If you decide on a floor-length veil, make sure it is no longer than the skirt of your dress, so you don’t spend half the time picking out leaves and twigs. For a mid-length veil, check the weather in the location you have chosen. The wind might be a bother.

However, you choose to elope in a veil, do things your way! Add flowers, accents, pearls, or color – this day is all about you and your love!

As elopement photographers, we want you to have the elopement of your dreams wearing what you want! Contact me for our elopement packages and help planning your dream elopement!

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