Once upon a time an angsty artist that plays too much banjo and a stubborn dreamer who should own stock in Taco Bell met, and after chasing their own crazy love story they set out to capture others. 

We love our motley crew of pups, a Saint Bernard, and two Pugs- when we aren't rallying the troops to hike through a favorite park we're cuddled on the couch watching too many Netflix originals. We love our little home here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and even with all of the places we've been, we can't imagine living anywhere else. 

We love hitting dive bars (Jack+coke for him, Tequila shots for her), collecting Christmas ornaments we think are too ugly for anyone else to buy, and cracking jokes that make our Grandma's blush.

We're a couple of weirdos, but we freaking love each other. We're so stoked that we get to spend such incredible moments with our couples, and capture their love story-because we know what they're going on about. We know that his crooked smile is your freaking favorite thing, and you LOVE that laugh she does that shows every dang tooth in her mouth-and we want to document it, and preserve it forever. When your memory fades we'll have these moments right here for you. 

just a couple of goons-
              & Vhan




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