The Best Flowers for Eloping – Choosing Bouquets

April 5, 2021

Skyler Rivera

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Moody bouquet for a Madison Wisconsin elopement

Just because you have decided to elope doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the perfect elopement bouquet! When you are eloping in the snow, the pop of color will look amazing in your elopement photographs or stand out with bright flowers against the wooded backdrop of the forest.

There are some things to consider when choosing the best elopement flowers! Some flowers don’t do well in the cold and others in the heat. Some flowers require water until the moment you are about to say “I do,” so let’s explore the best flowers for eloping and which to avoid.

The best flowers to use for your elopement in Wisconsin:


Chrysanthemums are stunning flowers that come in every color, size, texture, and shape. Their beautiful snowy flowers show themselves in the late summer and fall months. Choose from a variety of colors – purple, green, red, orange, and many more!

These are especially perfect for elopements because of how sturdy they are. If you are hiking all day to your elopement destination in the summer heat, expect these flowers to look as terrific as they did the day before. 


The ruffled blooms of carnations give your bouquet a deep, romantic feel to your elopement photographs.  This luscious ball-shaped bloom is the perfect filler flower for any elopement bouquet. Carnations bloom for a long time after they are cut, making them one of my top picks for elopement flowers. 

Did you know that the colors of a carnation all have their own meaning? 

Light red carnations symbolize admiration and deep red ones mean deep love and affection. Pick your carnation flowers color wisely!


Anthurium is a resilient and hardy flower that’s bright and can stand extreme heat, cold, and humidity. These heart-shaped flowers are durable, so if you are hiking a mountain and your flowers get a rough ride, the anthurium flowers won’t let you down! 

These resilient waxy-leaved flowers come in many vivid colors and are ready to use once cut. 

Cymbidium Orchids

So, you may be thinking about a delicate orchid and how it could possibly work for an elopement bouquet. Well, the Cymbidium Orchid has a thick stem with a spray of flowers and can withstand heat and humidity. 

Not only are these flowers a symbol of love, but the dozens of blooms will also make an excellent addition to your elopement bouquet. 

The Wooden Bouquet

A wooden bouquet is one of the best choices for an elopement in Wisconsin. You can have any wooden flower you dream of, and it will last an entire lifetime! In addition, it’ll make for a perfect keepsake from your elopement day. 

A wooden bouquet is perfect if you have chosen a winter elopement in Wisconsin. You don’t have to think about your flowers withering or breaking. You have already decided to go the unconventional route when getting hitched; why not make a statement with these unique wooden flowers.

Flowers for Eloping – What to Avoid

Now we know what flowers to choose for your elopement bouquet, but there are some flowers to avoid. Always check with your florists to see if there’s something to keep in mind for the region and time of year you’ll be eloping!

  • Tulips – These sensitive flowers don’t do very well once they get cut. As a result, if you plan on hiking for an hour or two they may not make it, especially in the cold and heat.
  • Hydrangeas – While they are beautiful flowers, hydrangeas can wilt within 3 hours of being out of water.  
  • Magnolia – While magnolias are beautiful and full of drama, they don’t do well after being cut and would not last a day out in the wilderness during your elopement.
Bohemian fall wedding bouquet on a wooden chair for a backyard wedding in Eau Claire Wisconsin

They Love Me; They Love Me Not – Elopement Flowers

Be thoughtful when choosing your elopement bouquet, as some flowers, like the lily, will wither and won’t do well in extreme conditions. You might even be shoving your flowers in a backpack if you want a strenuous hike to a mountaintop in Wisconsin. 

Take a hint of tradition on your adventure with the perfect elopement flowers! Soft and sensitive flowers can droop and whither within hours. Want to check out more of our elopement tips? Explore our Wisconsin elopement guide! Ready to plan your epic elopement? Let’s get in touch!

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